Monday, 29 July 2013

ARDYIS Web 2.0 Training and Exchange Workshop

"Excitement relatement", as my friend would say, was my feeling after being accepted to participate in the ARDYIS Web 2.0 Trainig and Exchange Workshop on Blogging in Agriculture. This feeling was not only as a result that the workshop was being held in gorgeous Barbados but also because of my desire of being a future blogger.

I have always wanted to start a blog that would mainly focus on Caribbean Agri-Entrepreneur/Processing that would enlighten my fellow agriculturist of the wealth of oppurtunities that surrounds us regardless of the issue of scarcity that hovers over the Caribbean economy.

On arrival in Barbados I was tired and hoped that the promised transport was there to pick me up. Fortunatley he was. The loud soca music woke me right up and create that excited feeling all over again.At the airport I met two other participants, Joseph and Imarah, then we were off to The Univeristy of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus where we would spend the next six days.

The campus was beautiful and quiet with the added bonus of being close to the beach. Participants from all over the region trickled in as evening came. Everyone was quite welcoming and exotic.On Saturday, the first session kicked of with a fun icebreaker activity followed by the introduction to our facilitators and to what blogging is all about. After the first half of the session I was ecstatic and wanted to start my blog at that moment. The information taught was so thorough and new to me that it stimulated my mind with mutiple ideas for my blog.

Unfortunatley, the session came to an end. I was totally satisfied and eager for session two. Lets go!!!

Map of Barbados showing ARDYIS WEB 2.0 Workshop At the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus
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